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Racket Stringing

Over time strings lose tention and can become hard and brittle, resulting in racket vibration. This can cause tennis elbow, golfers elbow, shoulder pain and other issues. Even if you play just once a week, your racket will need a restring at least once a year.


Prices from £12

We provide restringing for tennis, badminton, racketball, and squash. Our professional stringers have a wealth of experience and can advise you on which type of string may be most suitable for you.

Rackets can be dropped off at Sportsbug shop on Fore Street, Trowbridge or at Sportsbug shop on The High Street, Melksham. Please include an envelope with payment and your name and contact number. We will contact you when the rackets are ready for collection. We typically have a 72 hour turnaround but this can be longer during busy periods.

If you can't get to Sportsbug please contact us for other collection/delivery arrangements

Call or text: 0772 959 6562